State of the art group workouts in a natural studio



We carefully selected high intensity interval training as the preferred program for our group workouts. As we are catering for busy people, we needed a training modality that gives optimum results in the shortest time. Our H.I.I.T. programs are all designed to a specific formula, to ensure that you get a full body workout every time you attend a class. We include flexibility, agility, balance and core exercises to our mix of strength and cardiovascular exercises. It is a true functional workout, with excellent results.

We pride ourselves that our workouts are inherent safe. The combination of a tough, but safe workout, is a rare find in the fitness industry. We believe that we offer just that!

Lack of motivation and boredom are the two major reasons why people drop out of gym memberships. At Fit@Nature we are well aware of this. Our members just need enough motivation to make it into our reception. From there we take over and ensure that everyone gets a proper workout and leave the studio in an excellent mood. Our workouts are different every day. You will never get bored. This is a promise.

Make you fit

Make you strong

Help you to lose body fat

Improve your balance

Improve your flexibility

Improve your core stability

Improve mood and cognitive function

Are inherent safe

Speed up your metabolism for hours after your session ends (the afterburn effect)