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There was a time when movement was naturally part of everyday life. Working out was only needed for those who participated in competitive sport. This changed. Our modern lifestyle does not require a lot of movement. Modern people sit too much and move too little.  Over consumption of processed fast foods, lack of movement and high stress levels, are at the root of many lifestyle diseases. Health is wealth, but unfortunately most people only realise that when they lost their precious health. Our hectic schedules are greatly to blame. How do you fit exercise and healthy eating into busy day?

We at Fit@Nature do not want to be spectators, waving at an unhealthy population struggling through their busy days. We know we can help. We took action. We created a unique exercise experience with real results.

We believe that a training facility where you can relax in a natural environment, get a proper workout in a short period of time and have the option to order healthy food to take home, will provide a perfect solution to modern day challenges.

Dr Retha Calitz

About the founder

Dr Retha Calitz is an experienced biokineticist. She has a special interest in wellness and lifestyle change. She hosted numerous lifestyle changing camps with great success. Her signature  H.I.I.T. workouts were designed to be scientific, effective, safe and fun. It soon became very popular among her busy clients and she opened a permanent H.I.I.T. studio that went from strength to strength. She believes that adding a natural setting to the winning high-tech H.I.I.T. concept, provides a unique fitness experience that you will find nowhere else. Fit@nature is the result of years of experience and research. She holds a PhD in human movement science from the University of Pretoria.

hard work & perseverance leads to growth

our vision

To be established as a household name in the fitness industry. To be known as a balanced, friendly bunch of people who help other people to live life to the fullest by providing quality exercise and real food in a natural studio.

This is genius! Which I had started years ago. Really tough and challenging, but just what I needed. Thank you Retha, keep up the good work.

Gerhard Louw (45 yrs)

For the first time in my adult life I love training! Thank you for helping me and encourging me all the way. I lost 8kg since I started 7 months ago and feel great!

Anna-Mart Botha 37 yrs

Ek oefen nou al 5 maande saam met Retha en haar span by die HIIT klase. Die HIIT klasse is vir my baie lekker. Ek sien uit daarna om te gaan. Ek het nooit vir een oomblik nog in my hele lewe gedink ek gaan die tipe outjie wees wat van oefen hou nie. Buiten vir die feit dat ek die klasse vreeslik geniet, voel ek vir die eerste keer in baie jare goed oor myself. Ek sien elke week hoe ek verbeter en ek het meer energie.

Lezanda Genis 38

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