Healthy and delicious

Healthy and delicious

Did you know healthy can also mean delicious?

The winter days are rolling in and the cravings for sweet hot chocolate while staying in doors are real! Healthy food may sound like the last thing you want to eat when it is so cold. No salad is going to heat up our empty tummies. Fit@Nature understands the difficulties of staying on board the health train and keeping the fitness fire going when it is so cold. Here is a recipe for a tasty vegetable soup that might just show all those unhealthy cravings whose boss!

Quick and easy real food vegetable soup recipe

3 cups butternut

3 cups sweet potato

3 medium size carrots

2 medium size onions

5 stems celery.

Himalaya salt and paprika to taste.

Peel and chop the butternut and onions. Next, wash and chop the celery. Do not peel the sweet potato and carrots, just wash and scrub and chop into pieces. Place all the ingredients in pressure cooker. Turn off heat when cooker starts steaming. Allow to cool until safe to open the lid. Lastly, liquidize for only a second or two in a liquidizer.

Enjoy with back pepper.


Pro tip: Add a hand full of biltong if you want to add protein!